Civil Liability Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance is a mandatory coverage in the Aviation activity, both commercial and private.

What does it offer?

For all purposes, it is mandatory to take out insurance to cover claims that may arise during aeronautical operations and with respect to the insured aircraft.

The limits are established inRegulation (EC) 785/2004, in Royal Decree 37/2001 as well as in theAir Navigation Law (Law 48/1960) of July 21.

By means of this coverage, the Insurer shall pay all sums for which the Insured is legally obliged to pay for damages in respect of the CR (Civil Liability) in which the Insured may incur as a consequence of his Aviation operations with respect to the insured aircraft.

On the other hand, it is always necessary to check that the Company with which we contract is authorized by the General Directorate of Insurance to underwrite aviation risks, as well as the Security or solvency level of the same.

There are two ways of insuring Civil Liability:

  • Combined Single Limit.(LUC  CSL)A single limit is used for all claims that may arise, without the application of any sub-limit. It is  the best way to insure a risk since we will not find sub-limits established in the policy (usually sub-limits per victim) which make the policy cheaper but which may mean that we will have to pay with our own assets part of the compensation that a Judge may establish in favor of the victim or his heirs if the one established in the policy is insufficient.
  • Third party Liability of non-passenger or Tjhird passenger civil liability. Two limits are established, a limit (non-passenger) and a sub-limit per victim and/or passenger, much lower than the first one. It is the most common way to insure aeronautical risks because the premium is lower than with CSL.

In both cases the coverage complies with European aeronautical legislation. The choice of one or the other depends largely on the cost and the operation to be performed. For private users, the two limits are usually the most frequent option because in the event of a claim, the sub-limit indemnity per victim is usually more than sufficient in such cases. In commercial Air Operators the Combined Single Limit is usually contracted.

Who needs it?

Civil Liability Insurance is a mandatory coverage for companies engaged in aviation activities, both commercial and private

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