Personal accident insurance for pilots

Personal accident insurance for pilots

Pilots in the exercise of their profession are usually a risk excluded from any life and/or accident insurance policy, unless previously declared, which results in high premium surcharges.

In the aeronautical insurance sector, these professionals are not only fully admitted as a risk to be insured under life and/or permanent disability insurance, but also benefit from extremely competitive premiums

Accident insurance, unlike liability insurance, is not compulsory Consequently, it is the decision of the Company Manager, or the pilot, whether or not to take out such coverage, both for pilots and passengers. Most aviation companies, aware of the fact that pilots are not considered as third parties for civil liability insurance purposes and, in the event of an accident, would not be covered by any policy, additionally take out life and/or accident insurance to protect their flight personnel.

What does it offer?

Indemnity in case of death or absolute disability. The coverages are the classic ones of a conventional accident insurance, the specialty comes because the risk is covered during the flight.

The aforementioned indemnity is covered immediately when the loss occurs and either the insured or the beneficiaries receive the insured capital.

Who needs it?

Pilots, who are not covered by the General Liability insurance of the aircraft or the Company.

Passengers, if you want to extend the Passenger Liability coverage or if you want to take out an insurance policy that operates immediately upon the occurrence of an accident, as opposed to Liability, which usually takes longer to collect compensation.

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