Aircraft Insurance

Aircraft Insurance

We have all the Aircraft Insurance you need: Hull, Civil Liability, Pilots' Personal Accidents, Equipment and Material, Deductible or Excess.

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Hull Insurance

Aircraft Hull Insurance, better known as comprehensive insurance, covers the total value of the aircraft (either at insured value or agreed value) as well as the legal Civil Liability required for the performance of aerial works.

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Civil Liability Insurance

It is mandatory to subscribe to a Liability Insurance that covers claims that may arise during aeronautical operations and with respect to the insured aircraft/s.

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Personal accident insurance for pilots

Personal accident insurance for pilots is always necessary, although it is not mandatory, to protect the flight staff of the Aviation Companies.

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Equipment and material insurance

Equipment and material insurance is specific for certain elements attached to aircraft for certain aerial works.

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Deductible or Excess Insurance

All Hull Insurance carries a Deductible Insurance or Excess, which usually amounts to 5% of the insured value of the hulls. There are occasions when this value is so extremely high that it is not affordable for the client. This impact can be insured by a Deductible or Excess Insurance.

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